Sunday, November 11, 2012

Create Jobs Not Taxes!! Obama Leaving For Myanmar – Four more Years of No Employment for Americans? (Draft Copy)

November 11th, 2012

After four years of outrageous levels of unemployment, I believe the President and the likes should be talking about creating jobs not about raising taxes.  If more people had jobs and were receiving incomes and paying current tax rates there probably would be no tax deficit.  Also, taxing the rich sounds good for the rest of us, but why would a ‘rich’ person look to hire anyone at his company if he already knows his expenses are going up with higher taxes?  (See: Obama reiterates that rich must pay more in taxes,

The other problem in taxing the ‘rich’ is that those in power who want the ‘rich’ to pay more typically define ‘rich’ as earning more than $45K/year (approx.).  $45K is probably less than the average politician spends in taxdollars on their vehicle for which our taxes also pay for the driver and gasoline, of course.  Our politicians likely would never work for such a small sum and the average politician/lawyer probably rarely pays any taxes anyhow. 

Four years have passed since his last election with no jobs during that time and upon re-election the first thing the Administration starts to talk about is raising taxes and leaving town for Myanmar.  (Myanmar…, really?  ...right now?)  Is this the Administration’s way of telling us that we should expect nothing regarding jobs creations for the next four years as well?

Moreover, I don’t see what Obama going to Myanmar (Burma) for a week (next week) could possibly have to do with creating jobs.  He should stop boondoggling with our taxdollars and create some jobs!!  The President said that after focusing on getting his job for the better part of the last year, now the focus should be on getting jobs for Americans across the country.  So, he decides to go on an apparent vacation to Myanmar?!?!?  Going to Myanmar for vacation may help to offshore more of our jobs in the future but we really need some jobs here and now!!! 

The Obama Administration has had four years to date and has done nothing to create jobs.  It’s widely believed that here in the SoCal area as much as fifty percent of the people have no jobs (and/or underemployed).  Should we anticipate another four years of increased unemployment and ever-increasing prices as a result of an ever-decreasing value of the dollar – in an apparent attempt to artificially inflate the GDP to artificially avoid recession, or stick it to the Chinese, or whatever?

Socialistic programs – seemingly loved by Americans in times of Great Depressions – that kick-in five years later and which leave the costs for future generations, obviously seem to appeal to this Administration.  But, futuristic socialistic programs do nothing to create jobs now!  Such seems as a no-brainer to anyone that might have a brain and choose to use it.  Also, making everyone dependent on handouts from the government (unemployment, welfare, etc.) does no real favors for anyone either – one only needs to look at the history of the typical family or region heavily supported by personal government handouts.  If people are paid for doing nothing that is just what they typically will do: nothing.  It appears that the majority of government handouts are more for the purpose of buying votes – or so one can hope because the handouts generally seem to make the recipients go into neutral gear as for as looking to advance themselves in society. 

Given the level of arrogance of our politicians and the level of ignorance displayed in their supported policies which they mandate upon the rest of us by fiat, such never ceases to amaze anyone that cares to learn the reality of the situation.  In general, whatever the government does to achieve a goal, it seems it would be better served to do just the opposite of what it thinks is proper and it would then better achieve its desired ends. 


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