Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Covert Attempt to Overtly Humanize the British Royal Family?

December 6th, 2012

It seems of late that there has been some amount of effort to humanize the British Royal family such that the average person could possibly relate to the family as normal people.  We have had Prince Harry shown in the news while nude and partying in Las Vegas.  We have had Kate Middleton (the wife of Prince William) photographed partially clad by the swimming pool.  And now we have the latest telephone crank-call of the hospital housing a pregnant Kate by an Australian radio disk-jockey; wherein healthcare information was apparently relayed by a hospital nurse to the disk-jockey(s) while broadcast live on the air.

What could be the motivation for attempting such a feat as humanizing the British Royals to the point that they are like regular folks, one might ask?  Well, it seems to this blogger that the populace of the United Kingdom could well determine that they no longer care to support such a tourist attraction as the Royal Family once Queen Elizabeth eventually passes the reign of the monarchy.  Of course, I could be wrong as to the popular sentiment of those in the U.K.  But I believe the psychological-type of reasoning goes something like… that when a potential adversary realizes he has some control over the fate of another of whom he cares not, if the adversary views those whose fate he controls as being more human and more of an individual, the otherwise adversarial individual is more sympathetic to the plight of the other person and less likely to rally for the other’s extinction – similar to hostage situations and the Lima Syndrome, from what I’m told, which is sort of the opposite of the Stockholm Syndrome. 

So, why would the Royals care one way or another for such a situation as their being humanized if not assimilated amongst the commoners?  Well, it has been generalized to me that the Crown of England owns everything that is not owned by the Vatican.  If so, it is likely that some amount of the Crown’s holdings may be dependent on the title and social position of the Royal Family itself.   As such, if the Royal Family was ousted by the populace of the U.K., many of the Royals’ holdings could be put in jeopardy – as they would then no longer have their status and position in addition to no longer having the force of the British/U.K. government to back them to any degree.  

Therefore, if the people of the U.K. were to see the Royals as being more human rather than merely ostentatious figure heads, the populace might be less likely to oust the Royals when the opportunity presents itself or when the notion surfaces when Elizabeth passes.  Because, the fact of the matter is, what purpose does the continuation of the monarchy serve or what function could it perform for the government or the people of the U.K.?   Moreover, if the people of the U.K. were to oust the Royals, the feat could be done in such a manner which could include the State taking all of the Royals’ financial holdings by claiming that such holdings were amassed at the expense of the government. 

Any ouster and takings from the Royals would all be quite ironic, really, when one thinks about the implications of it all.  It would be like bitter pay-backs for more than a millennium’s worth of feudal mortmain and escheat (a ‘legal’ event where the Crown would take land from the owner for occurrences such as dying without heirs, not performing feudal duties, or committing suicide, and the likes). 


P.S. Of course, maybe, one could say that I have thought too much on the whole subject, or conversely, that I have not thought enough about it all.  :)

Aftermath note:  Speaking of the Australian radio disc jockey joker's, one never knows what might result from one's irresponsible actions:

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Then again, could the Royals have had this nurse killed/murdered as a statement or example of what happens when the Royals are made the butt of jokes due to the screw-up of an individual?

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(I didn’t watch any video on the mentioned website, btw.  I never let scripts run on my computer. AVT)

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