Tuesday, December 11, 2012

“Mona Lisa,” Who Was She? Let the Dead Rest in Peace!

December 11th, 2012

It is being widely reported on the news today that in Italy efforts are underway to unearth the remains of a woman who is believed to have been the model for Leonardo da Vinci’s painting the “Mona Lisa.”  The woman long believed to have been the model for the famous painting was buried approximately one half of a millennium ago, of course.  It is being reported that DNA samples are to be taken from the remains and measurements of the bone structure and skull will be taken to compare the woman’s remains to those of the woman in the painting.  It is believed that such undertakings will confirm whether this woman was, in fact, the model for the "Mona Lisa" painting.

To all this I say:


Frankly, I don’t really care who the "Mona Lisa" model was, if in order to find out who she was requires the unearthing and desecration of an innocent individual’s human remains!

Adam Trotter

Researchers hope to uncover who's behind the 'Mona Lisa' smile