Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get Our American Jobs Back, Before It’s Too Late!!!

March 6th, 2010

Hey elected U.S. officials and national leaders, now that’s its been forty years or so that you have made allowances for our industries to move off-shore, before its too late, maybe you could revisit this matter and have our industries bring our jobs back!??!! Union leaders, you know, it wouldn’t hurt you to assist with this request as well! Maybe its time you mature beyond your self-centered and egotistical paradigms of the last fifty years and look to act for the benefit of the nation. No more free U.S. government insurance/support for operating overseas! I ask: Are you determined to see our nation become another of the many bygone superpowers with nothing for citizenry other than the ‘haves and have nots’ like the rest of the world?

Now that you ‘leaders’ have allowed our penny-hungry corporate-types to teach our core competencies of manufacturing to countries whose governments have never seemed to like us much to begin with, maybe you should entice those firms to bring their operations back here. Obviously those U.S. corporations would prefer to operate off-shore where they can pollute as much as they want, pay their workers slave wages, and not worry for a moment about any rights of their off-shore employees. [For instance, I seriously doubt that one would see many disabled employees working in any off-shore factory of an American corporation. Hardly. Injured on the job? They likely throw injured and therefore under-performing overseas workers out onto the street.]

To put it in other terms that you ‘leaders’ may better understand:
If all our industries [and jobs] are off-shore, when you find a larger or more profitable war to fight, you may someday need a domestic manufacturing base in addition to merely needing a destitute populace to send to fight that future war. Do you remember back in the day when the U.S government would not buy foreign made products to put on the aircraft carriers? Do you remember when the products for the Army had to be American made? I do. What percentages of products on the warships are foreign made today? Bring our jobs back before it’s too late!! Please?

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. Digression: In addition to giving away much of our competitive advantages in manufacturing, you ‘leaders’ seemed to enable other nations to steal all the defense-related national secrets they chose to steal. In general, you ‘leaders’ don’t seem to be very good judges of character – as evidenced by supporting the emigration of our jobs! In particular, concerning the safeguarding of national secrets, poor judgment often seems a rampant plague to the ‘leadership’ at the Department of Energy and the CIA. Not surprisingly, the level of poor judgment in any given Federal agency seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of access given to the people to review the actions of that poorly-managed agency.

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