Friday, March 5, 2010

Possible Reasons Why the Nation’s Power Elite Prefer an Uneducated Populace.

March 4th, 2010

There are several possible reasons why the power-elite structure of the nation seems to have such little regard for an educated work-force and populace. One possibility is the widely known paradigm that an educated populace is more likely to revolt against any repression by its government – just ask the Shah of Iran. A similarly paranoid paradigm alludes to the necessity of a vibrant middle-class section of the populace for success of any revolutionary endeavors. However, a more likely reason for the economically dim-witted, short-sighted, and unadvertised support for an uneducated populace by the nation’s power structure is that the U.S. nation’s power structure seems to like to operate on some sort of a post-World War II mentality. By that I mean, the power elite seems to prefer to have an uneducated populace because it would then be easier to gather up people to send them off to fight the wars determined to be beneficial to the elite and beneficial to the corporations of the war machine – even though people aren’t really even needed to fight our wars anymore. If you should doubt my words in this regard, one only needs to look to the military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. In those conflicts it is reported/believed that the U.S. Federal government spends in excess of one billion dollars per day in each of those theaters of conflicts ($1,000,000,000 x 2 wars / day, which also seems to include the rebuilding of many schools in those nations, btw). What type of education system might we have if the government was to infuse such amounts of additional monies into the education systems of our nation?

In their defense, however, those that seem to prefer to limit the access to higher education likely may say something to the extent that such limited access to education helps to separate the ‘chiefs’ from the ‘worker indians.’ They would also likely complain about waste in school systems and the likely dysfunctional and self-fulfilling educator’s unions that help to enable any waste and misdirection of funds.

Adam Trotter / AVT