Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey City of Los Angeles, Hey Mayor Villaraigosa…. Budget Shortfall?

March 4th, 2010

The ruckus over the seemingly insurmountable budget shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year for the City of Los Angeles looks to be somewhat unjustified in my opinion, a statement which I base upon the 2009 - 2010 Budget Summary from the Mayor’s Office. A reported two-hundred million dollars ($200,000,000) deficit for the upcoming fiscal year seems like a ‘no-brainer’ as to how to fairly distribute such a shortfall – especially in light of six or seven billion dollars of approximate city revenues ($7,000,000,000) and despite the absurdity of the amounts in which we speak.

Anyway, not to demean the issue, but a solution doesn’t really seem all that difficult to see – again, in my opinion. To begin with, where did the one and a half billion dollars ($1,500.000.000 - or bond) come from for the recent and on-going upgrades to the LAX Airport?

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. For your information, I am available for consulting on a contract basis, btw. I’m not suspect to the typical paradigms which appear to afflict so many in your field. Hiring me would be worth every penny – if I were to even require any pay.