Sunday, September 5, 2010

Apollo 11 Videos: Lunar Landing and Lunar ‘First Steps’

September 5th, 2010

Finally, after the occasional internet searches over the last several years, I have at last found the Apollo 11 lunar landing videos. ( ) Believe it or not, these clips were nearly impossible for me to find on the web until now. Thanks for that, NASA.

Now, my wish list from NASA would be fulfilled if I could acquire the following items from that Agency:

1. Skylab II wake-up call video shown live on national U.S. television which, as far as I know, was the last live television feed showing the depths of outer-space. In this video, as I recall, one can see an apparent spherical 'craft' in near outer-space and this ‘craft’ was not part of the Skylab mission – this was also shown in a video-clip [infra-red exposure still photo] which was always shown on the beginning trailer of the early episodes of the television show “The X Files.” This "X-Files" photo/video-clip is another clip which historically has been surprisingly difficult for me to find; which is surprising because the video-clip was shown on countless television channels for years on-end and yet appears as another clip that seems to have since disappeared.


2. If NASA would show us true live video feeds of the recesses of outer space. (See: )

Adam Trotter / AVT