Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is London Calling? US to Provide British/UK Nuclear Secrets to Russia for Arms Treaty!?! Did Our Ally Agree to These Terms? (Reportedly WikiLeaks)

February 5, 2011

Last night during a talk show on Boston Radio (WBZ 1030 AM @ 2300 hours EST, approx.), the host was speaking about the latest round of information released from internet-based and tattle-tale group WikiLeaks. The following story/information was also reported by New York news radio this evening (WYNS, 1010 "WINS" AM Radio) – quoting another newspaper (London Telegraph, Author: Nile Gardiner) as its source. ( See: According to these sources:

WikiLeaks is claming/reporting that the U.S. government has agreed to provide nuclear secrets of our long-time ally Great Britain/United Kingdom to Russia in exchange for the Russians ratification of the latest strategic arms limitation/reduction treaty (“New START” between the U.S.A. and the country of Russia). As the U.S. apparently produces missiles for the British nuclear arsenal, it is reported/claimed that the U.S. government would then also provide Russia with quantities and serial numbers of all missiles sold/provided to our British/U.K. allies. Assuming such an agreement has not been blessed by the British/U.K., to provide such information to the Russians would appear as nearly traitorous, in my opinion. The provision of British/U.K. nuclear secrets to the Russians is reported to be a condition of the proposed arms reduction treaty and the provision of such information was required by the Russians in order to agree to any nuclear arms reduction treaty.

Two main issues seem to be at hand. First, quite simply, why is the United States always the one to bend-over-backwards to accommodate and appease the seemingly disinterested Russians? If they don’t also want the treaty or see the treaty to be to their benefit: to hell with them! Then, let there be no treaty! Are our negotiators merely inept and therefore in keeping with the rest of our Federal government? Second, if such reports and claims are true: Regardless of the debatable topics of whether the U.S. has kissed the British backside for too long, regardless of whether the British [or U.K.] Government / crown / bankers have long deceived and possibly denigrated the free peoples of the world, regardless of whether the current U.S. Presidential Administration has a personal axe to grind or family vendetta against the British, and regardless of whether the U.S. wants access to the vast natural resources in Russia as part of this treaty effort, (assuming the U.K. has not blessed such a move to provide such information to the Russians,) to sell-out our long-time and staunch allies in the United Kingdom to effect an arms treaty with Russia seems preposterous and absurd!

The point of this blog, of course, is based on the assumption that the Brits/U.K. government has not approved this offer of information to the Russians to bring the Russians to the bargaining table. However, it would appear doubtful that the Brits/U.K. would bless such a release of nuclear weapons related information to the Russians, either. For if they had, simply, such a leaked story would then be of no real interest to WikiLeaks folks – if WikiLeaks knew one way or the other concerning such a blessing from the Brits.

I understand why the Russians would want information about the British/U.K. stockpile of nuclear weaponry when the Russians are considering agreeing to reductions. However, regarding the apparent sell-out of our long-time allies to our long-time adversaries, I must ask: has the simplistic U.S. government now lost all common sense? Barring British approval, do I really need to explain the apparent implications of selling-out our allies and throwing loyalty to the wind, irrespective of whether such a loyalty possibly has been given too much heed during recent decades? Nevertheless, unless the Brits have already agreed to such terms, to essentially turn on our long time ally would appear unethical, immoral, and surely would reflect a lack of integrity and also display the poor judgment of our American politicians and government agencies – regardless of any noble motivations. Anyone who would look to sell-out our allies and provide British nuclear secrets to the Russians would essentially appear traitorous to the cause of freedom and decency in the world, in my opinion. For example, what does the Russian government historically know or care of any Freedoms?

Furthermore, has the U.S. not always professed its willingness to execute any individual as treasonous for providing secret information to other nations, let alone if such nations were adversarial nations? Is this merely another instance of the U.S. government ‘leading by example’ (sarcasm) and saying “do as I say, not as I do?” As Americans, clearly we seem to be always having to wonder if our politicians and government officials even know the meaning of the words “truthful,” “loyalty,” and “decency” or if they simply don’t care about the meaning of these words (especially the Defense Department and the State Department). If this reportedly leaked story is true, it would appear WikiLeaks is the true hero and maybe we should have WikiLeaks members as our national politicians – at least they appear to be truthful regardless of all else, as WikiLeaks was created in response to an air of deceit continually proliferated by our governments*.

Of course, I have no personal knowledge of whether this story is actually true, or whether there is more to the story than what is currently known to the public or more than what has been surmised by AM Talk Radio personalities in the U.S. (such additional unknown information as the British Government agreeing to these terms and the release of information regarding its nuclear arsenal to the Russians)**. Again, this story is apparently based on the latest/upcoming round of information from internet-based WikiLeaks. If the story is true, thank you to WikiLeaks for providing the populace with truth concerning the actions of our government. If true, WikiLeaks appears to continually reveal the arrogance and simplistic nature of the U.S. government. Currently, I am inclined to believe any information WikiLeaks unearths. If such information is false or WikiLeaks has been intentionally untruthful, well . . ., time will tell.

At this point in time, the only thing I know for sure, and what appears to ring true, is we can’t count on the U.S. government to tell the truth about anything. Now, assuming this story is true, our government would again appear as not truthful to its own allies either. One has to wonder, how long will these same politicians be reelected to ruin everything that was once decent about our nation? If our government officials have unilaterally taken it upon themselves to sell-out our ally, I say, vote all these politicians out of office and dissolve any Federal agencies that would agree to these unilateral terms of screwing our allies – regardless of their motivations!!

Adam Trotter / AVT

* Surely it appears that WikiLeaks always would be advocates for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, and Freedom of the Press and apparently would be bigger champions for these Rights and Causes than any/most national U.S. politicians of recent decades! WikiLeaks’s founder, in an interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” last Sunday, professed that his only additional care was to be truthful. I believed him.

Our politicians, on the other hand, only appear as advocates for any cause when it suits their political need or when such advocacy appears to be of personal benefit to the politician. And, clearly, providing any truth to the American people typically and repeatedly appears as not warranted and inconsequential to our inept national leaders and arrogant government officials!

** Additionally, the majority [but not necessarily all] of the U.S. network broadcast media/press no longer seem to report anything of any real substance to the American people for fear that the American populace will change the television channel or turn off the television once the undesired news is broadcast. Such a mindset seems to reflect the true lack of integrity and arrogance [and/or political leanings] of much of our mainstream press/media: that is, they only really care about making money and do not care about informing the American public of any truth.

Regarding this latest WikiLeaks matter, either the majority of the mainstream American press/media doesn’t believe, doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to inform the populace that our government would apparently sell-out and turn on one of its closest allies.

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