Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inflation Pressures Somewhat Rise for No Apparent Reason other than the Efforts of the Federal Reserve. ‘SHRED THE FED’!!!

February 17th, 2011

As reported early this morning by WYNS (1010 "WINS" AM Radio) in New York City, inflation pressures are apparently on the rise - with the radio station reporting that prices had risen 0.8% (though I am not for what period or who they were quoting). Today, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) economic indicator was released and it also seems to confirm that prices are on the rise as well (0.4% increase since the previous month).

Anyone that knows anything of economics surely knows that, during the ‘normal’ course of economic events, inflation typically only rises when much of the workforce is gainfully employed and therefore competition surfaces between consumers for the available goods – which in turn causes prices to rise and inflation to occur. Of course, we are not in any ‘normal’ times and, in reality, the American Nation is still in the throws of a major depression with unemployment staying at near record high levels.

So, given this basic knowledge of economics and the current realities of the American economy, what then has caused this latest round of inflation to arise?

Clearly, this latest rise in inflation appears as the result of no other reason than that of the concerted efforts of the Federal Reserve System and its continued and never-ending devaluation of the dollar – of which I have long blogged. Of course, the Fed and others may argue that the continued devaluation of the dollar (Federal Reserve Note) is to the benefit of the American populace and Nation. I would merely respond with telling those that may believe that logic to go and ask the average citizen if the devalued dollar is of any benefit to the typical homeowner/consumer - who now may have to make a choice between buying milk and bread or rather to buy gasoline because of rising prices the average homeowner/consumer may no longer afford to buy both! Of course, the argument could be made that increased fuel costs are adding to any inflationary pressures. However, I would counter any such assertions with the apparent fact that much of the increased fuel costs are a direct result of the devalued dollar - a fact that I am confident I could easily verify/prove.

In reality, however, there could be any number of other reasons why the apparently self-serving/inept/nearly-criminal Federal Reserve System continues to devalue the dollar/Federal Reserve Note. One such reason would be merely that the Fed desires to forever increase the value of its gold holdings. Another reason, of course, is that the nation is again approaching another national election and therefore the Fed has decided to artificially increase prices (by devaluing the dollar) and therefore try to also artificially increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which, by definition, would mean that the depression/recession has officially ended. By artificially ending the current depression/recession, the Fed would be coming to the rescue of its apparent errand-boys and lackeys in elected positions – with these individuals forever holding positions of power such as the White House and Congress.

What hold does the Federal Reserve System have on our government which allows the Fed to remain in power and to control our government as well as our Nation? What hold does the Fed maintain, in deed, as such a hold was clearly against the wishes/intent (and warned against) by the Founding Fathers of our American Nation – if not blatantly against the U.S. Federal Constitution? How is it that the Fed stays in control when our Founding Fathers expressly seemed to state in the U.S. Federal Constitution that no outside entities should ever control the money supply of our Nation?

Therefore, as such, I would surmise that the time is approaching to ‘SHRED THE FED’!!! It would appear that the only way to effect any ‘shredding of the Fed’/discontinuation of the Federal Reserve System is to elect politicians who care more for the well being of the American populace than the politician would care for the purse-strings of the wealthy bankers of our nation and the world. Does such a politician exist? Will I have to run for Congress to this end? Or, would the bankers and the Fed [and its cronies and lawyers/judges throughout our governments and legal establishments] act in accordance with the long list of tyrants throughout world history and merely extinguish any such politician for making such a suggestion as ‘shredding the Fed,’ I have to wonder – as typically the bankers apparently care for nothing above money which then seem to include the disregard of any laws governing the conduct of decent human beings as well? I would be happy to expand on these thoughts, should anyone ask – by the way. Am I only one of a few that is willing to put forth these thoughts for all to hear?

Adam Vernon Trotter / AVT

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