Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Manhattan jury finds man who had loaded gun in his car not guilty"

"Manhattan jury finds man who had loaded gun in his car not guilty"
Last Updated: 7:04 PM, February 24, 2011
Posted: 11:41 AM, February 24, 2011

AVT's thoughts/comment on this matter:
While I was always inclined to be on his side as the gun-control laws in NYC seem ridiculous, the repeated level of cluelessness on nearly every front by Mr. Ryan couldn’t help but to raise eyebrows. For starters, if he planned to leave the pistol in such a conspicuous place in his vehicle, upon any vandal’s efforts the pistol could have easily found its way to any potentially violent creep. And, regardless if such is posted for all tourists to see or not, everyone knows it is currently illegal to take a right turn on red in Manhattan. In the end, as we all know, other than police officers and a select few others, only criminals who don’t care about laws can have continued and easy access to guns in Gotham. So Mr. Ryan apparently was traveling quite oblivious to the reality of his situation – which is some cause for alarm in and of itself.

I would be interested to know more of the circumstances of the police-stop and why the police wanted to search the vehicle, and for that matter, why the driver/Ryan agreed to let them search the vehicle. Because, of late, many of the police in the greater NYC/Gotham area surely seem quick to stop vehicles/molest drivers and to ask the driver for his/her ‘travel papers’ – like don’t sit in a car in a NYC area parking lot and talk on the cell phone without expecting a visit from any authorities that happen by, regardless if it is now a major traffic violation in NY State to move a vehicle while talking on a cell phone.

But the 'race-card' people in this matter might have a point, I think. If Ryan had been a ‘home-boy’ from the Bronx (or wherever) as opposed to a ‘yahoo’ from Florida, would he have been privy to the same benefit of the doubt? Then again, if Ryan had been a local homeboy without the common sense to hide his heater/pistol in a less conspicuous place, then maybe he would not have deserved any benefit of the doubt – particularly so, given the well-known yet apparently misguided outlook on guns by the current administration of Gotham City.

Nevertheless, since Ryan apparently had the pistol with no ill-intent, it would seem the District Attorney of New York could better spend tax-dollars pursuing true criminals and not attempting to bolster the absurd gun-control laws of Gotham – gun laws which generally appear to perpetuate the violent crime levels in NYC. As a testament to the absurdity of Gotham’s gun laws, it reportedly only took thirty minutes of deliberations for the jury to acquit Ryan of the felony weapons charges.

In the end, I am glad Ryan did not have his life ruined as another martyr to the absurd NYC gun-control laws – again, laws which only seem to perpetuate crime in Gotham. I have posted a few blogs on my on-going ‘unofficial debate’ with Mayor Bloomberg on this subject. You can search me and the subject, if interested.

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