Monday, July 18, 2011

The Economy is Bad. Where is The Fed?

July 16th, 2011

The national U.S. economy seems really bad. Where is The Federal Reserve System [/The Fed] and what are they doing about the nation’s current economic situation? As The Federal Reserve System has had the better part of a century to practice running the nation’s economy and while concurrently/potentially owning OUR Federal government, what is the U.S. central bank (who we call ‘The Fed’) doing to make the situation better and to end the on-going “Great Depression of the New Millennium?”

Is The Fed merely inept – as seems most of the national-level, government-type entities which run OUR country? (The Fed is not a government entity, however.) Is The Fed attempting to reduce the U.S. nation to “third world developing nation" status – with The Fed’s endless devaluation of the American Dollar? Or, is The Fed attempting some other clandestine undertaking of which the rest of us are unaware and such an operation requires the concurrent devastation of the “American way of life”– as we are all aware The Fed essentially is not required to answer to anyone for its actions?

I understand attempting to run a nation’s economy has many challenges, no doubt! Nevertheless, the apparent long-standing and on-going policy regime of The Fed currently [and long since] appears as ineffectual at protecting the nation’s economic well-being.

Unless some rational and verifiable excuse exists for the inability of The Federal Reserve System to better the nation’s economic condition – other than an excuse of its own ineptitude, clearly the time is at hand to “SHRED THE FED!!” Surely, the nation’s economy would be better off with no national banking cartel acting as a central bank while said cartel concurrently controls our currency and financial institutions and while this same central bank/cartel (The Fed) routinely seeks “arbitrage opportunities” for itself in addition to claiming no fiduciary responsibility to anyone – seemingly the least of which would include a fiduciary responsibility to the American people and the U.S. nation!

Adam Vernon Trotter / AVT

PS. The Fed appears content to have its New York mouthpiece, Mr. Timothy Geithner, running the U.S. Treasury Department while handing trillions of dollars to its banking buddies in ‘stimulus’ monies. (See: Geithner Said to Consider Leaving Treasury After Debt Debate; located at:

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