Wednesday, July 27, 2011

U.S. Federal Government Debt Difficulties? What Should a Citizen Do?

July 26th, 2011

To me, solving the long and short-term financial debt levels of the U.S. Federal government appears as an easy-fix. In my opinion, the debt levels could be drastically reduced while government agencies maintained sufficient funding to perform their required functions and no tax increases would be necessary. However, OUR nation’s governments and the politicians who populate those entities seem unable to recognize how to concurrently attain these goals – goals which may seem as a dichotomy to those blinded by long-standing and unnecessary government paradigms.

With our politicians and governments seeming as ignorant or as maintaining motives for not solving the nation’s economic difficulties, the American Citizen is then left in a quandary. Should the Citizen denounce and reject the U.S. [Federal] government, its politicians, and its typical way of business, or should the Citizen demand action within the allowances of nation’s current framework to rectify the many ills of the nation’s on-going economic problems? Essentially, I would tend to the latter choice and some combination of the following actions/changes within the nation's framework are what I would offer as demands to help to bring back the overall economic well-being of the Citizenry – in keeping with our nation’s current framework which allows for such changes:

FIRST, the Citizenry should DEMAND THE REPEAL OF THE ELEVENTH (11th) AMENDMENT to the U.S. Federal Constitution. The First ten amendments to that sacred document are what WE in America recognize as OUR Bill of Rights. It’s ironic that the first follow-on amendment added to the Constitution – after the first ten – is so opposed to the spirit of the Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments, of course, being brilliantly authored to reflect what is known to be Right and proper. Then along comes the Eleventh Amendment which attempts to do its best to negate much of the first ten amendments when such is applied to a U.S. state or government agency (and its officials) in our Land. By allowing the politicians, officials/bureaucrats, and governments themselves to stand in opposition to what is known to be Right and proper and true, and then for the Constitution to provide a shield from any liability for the governments’ negligence/ignorance, appears as contrary to the American way – with the American way being that WE are accountable for our actions and WE attempt to correct our mistakes. However, there is no denying that the Eleventh Amendment allows for absolute negligence from OUR governments. As they are not liable or held accountable for their actions, the government entities and officials then have little reason to care of negligence or ineptitude, apparently.

The SECOND DEMAND that the American populace should put forward to fix OUR current economic mess, in my opinion, is to DEMAND THE REMOVAL OF ANY POWERS ENUMERATED TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM concerning OUR nation’s economic well-being – powers which would appear as improperly/unconstitutionally enumerated from OUR Federal government. Aside from the nation’s current economic mess, even former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan himself stated in his book that the economic boom years of the President Clinton era were a testament to the inability of the Federal Reserve to properly control the nation’s economy. Forgoing his explanation for his statement, such a statement nevertheless shows the Fed is not as all-knowing as it would hope to appear concerning our nation’s economy in spite of having the better part of a century in which to practice its economic operations. So it would seem to this day that the nation would probably be better off without the Fed – as was the nation for much of its history. Whatever the Fed might be doing to better the nation’s economy, such does not appear to be bettering the matter for the nation and the populace. Then again, maybe the Fed does not want to better the economy of the nation – as it is not a government agency, it maintains no fiduciary responsibility to anyone other than itself, nor does this federal/national banking cartel seem to be required to uphold the nation’s Constitution either, as would be required of Federal government employees/entities.

As a possible THIRD DEMAND to be in the best interest of the populace to fix the American nation’s current economic mess, I might suggest that AN INTRINSIC/REAL VALUE BE SET FOR OUR NATIONAL CURRENCY. I am aware that we have all heard (or been told) that a non-fluctuating [U.S.] currency or fixed exchange rate could not function in the modern financial era. Of course, for many years, OUR nation had no nationally recognized/issued paper currency. Once adopted, OUR printed currency then generally maintained a fixed-exchange rate for significant periods of time. Then, long about the 1970’s, or so, the American/U.S. Dollar (or Federal Reserve Note) became a traded commodity – and from the People’s perspective, the nation has slipped down the hill of economic well-being ever since. All the while during the nation's economic slide, the value of the Federal Reserve's gold holdings have likely increased ten-fold. Of course, the currently traded fiat Dollar and its varying exchange rate is essentially managed by the Federal Reserve System (with our dollar also being known as the Federal Reserve Note) – which brings us back to the first two demands as delineated above in this writing.

So again, I would suggest that its time to dump the Federal Reserve System and probably time to repeal the Eleventh (11th) Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution as well as fixing OUR currency. I can’t guarantee that these steps will immediately solve all the nation’s economic difficulties nor do I claim that there exists no other valid idea(s) for bettering OUR current economic well-being. However, I could guarantee that such steps/demands as explained above would likely go a long way toward fixing much of the nation’s current economic woes.

Adam Trotter / AVT

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