Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Handguns Save Life and Property, While the Defenseless Can Lose Everything.

July 5th, 2011

Off-duty police officer brandishes service revolver and sends would-be violent creeps/robbers fleeing to be arrested shortly thereafter:

Mineola Man Arrested in Connection with Attempted Robbery.

Other [NYC] news outlets simply refuse to note that the victim was armed with a weapon/hand gun – as if no one would know the revolver likely saved the would-be victim.

Group of thieves nabbed after targeting off-duty cop

Luckily for the intended robbery victim he had a weapon/hand gun to defend himself against the four attackers.

Contrast the story above with what happened a few miles away and a few days earlier in two separate incidents wherein the victims were not armed with defensive weapons:

Innocent and defenseless lives lost:

Long Island bloodbath: High school senior among four bodies found at pharmacy after botched robbery

Robber Kills 4 in L.I. Pharmacy; One Victim Is a 17-Year-Old Girl

David Laffer indicted in deaths of 4 during Medford pharmacy shooting

Property and cash taken:

Long Island Pharmacy Robbed Of Drugs And Cash

Given such evidence as can be readily deduced from the stories above, who in their right mind can legitimately state that worthy citizens should not be allowed firearms to defend themselves against attackers?

Adam Trotter / AVT

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