Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bloomberg Wants Large Soda Drinks Made Illegal in NYC. What’s Next? (Draft)

May 31st, 2012

As reported this morning on CNN News Room (at about 0915 Central Time), Mayor Bloomberg is attempting to restrict the public’s access to large soda drinks – in a stated attack on the problem of obesity.  The reported story spoke of how Bloomberg is trying to get restaurants in NYC to stop serving large soda drinks – through legislation if possible.  Additionally, Bloomberg is also attempting to have state food subsidies that are given to ‘poor’ folks not be allowed to be utilized to purchase soda drinks. 

So, it appears that the fascist-like efforts to ban smoking in NYC was, in fact, only the beginning of the fascists’ parade on free-will of the public.  Such efforts would be in keeping with the warnings given by the pro-smoking forces as smoking cigarettes was essentially made illegal in the City of New York – and likely soon to be also illegal in the State of New York. 

So, one has to wonder, after the fascist-types successfully make large soda drinks illegal, what will they go after next?  Maybe a ban on the sale of meat?  Freedom of expression and the pursuit of happiness are basic building blocks of our way of life in the United States.  The government is surely beyond its scope of power when it tells people what they can and can not legally do (when harming no one else).  When individuals are not injuring others, they are not committing any crime or infraction.  I look forward to making these claims in a Court of Law in the future.  It is odd though, that as the populace becomes more tolerant as a whole, our governments seem to be becoming more and more fascist with every passing day. 

Let’s see:  NYC supposedly has the toughest anti-gun laws, the toughest anti-smoking laws, and now/soon the toughest anti-large soda drink laws.  One can only wonder what is next on the NYC fascists’ list of things to outlaw regarding freedom of choice?    Also worth pondering, in what country is the government of NYC located or in what country does it wish to be located, might be a better question? 


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