Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day: The High-Holy Day for Communists Everywhere.

May 1st, 2012

On this May Day, the high-holy day for communists everywhere, it is worth a moment to catalogue an apparent and recent communist success story.  For the communists and would be communists among us domestically (see: LAUSD: How Many Likely Communist/Socialist Revolutionaries Are Teaching Kids In Your Schools At Tax-Payer Expense? ), and of course relevant to the communist and would-be communists residing on our southern border and their difficulties (see: No, No, Mi Amigo! No, Presidente Calderone…, You Should Be Thanking Arizona, Not Pointing Accusatory Fingers of Blame!!! ), it seems to be worth one’s time to take note of this recent communist success story. 

It has been widely reported yesterday evening that a Chinese political dissenter and human rights activist/lawyer in mainland communist China, Chen Guangcheng's  – a dissenter who had been under guarded house arrest in mainland china for almost two years -  has escaped.  It is said that the dissenter currently is being given refuge by a U.S. Embassy concern in mainland China.  (Note: Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng's Daring Escape, http://abcnews.go.com/International/chinese-dissident-chen-guangchengs-daring-escape/story?id=16241439.)  His escape is even more remarkable when noting the fact that he is blind, was guarded by a force of 100 soldiers, and in light of the reported fact that he was repeatedly beaten by his guards during his captivity.

Of course, as average Americans we have no verification of the real truth of the matter except for what is reported and we are well aware that there surely exists no right to freedom of the press in mainland communist China.  Nevertheless, if the communist Chinese government was, in deed, gracious enough to allow the dissenter to go free or if in fact he did escape, such seems beneficial and a success for the followers of the communist dogma everywhere – as well as also being a cause for hope for the remainder of us who believe that freedom of thought and expression is far more important than the proliferation of a failed fascist dogma and its associated form of government.  Moreover, such an escape also lends itself to the benefit of the untold numbers of other Chinese dissenters that sit neglected in Chinese prisons throughout that nation.

Might I suggest to our U.S. government:  DON’T RETURN CHEN GUANGCHENG TO THE CUSTODY OF THE FACIST COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT IN MAINLAND CHINA!!  It would likely be murder if you were to return him to the fascist communists!

Let’s see…: 
Typically widespread incarceration for those who oppose the failed communistic, repressive, and facist dogma that rules a modern nation?  Boy there’s a reason to get out and celebrate on this May Day.  (Not!)  And such stories of oppression seem typical with every example of communistic governments in recent world history.  In reality, I see no cause for celebration nor any cause for proliferation of a system of government which appears only worthy for the nearest trash bin.  It is rather humorous, though, how our domestic communists have apparently attempted to intertwine themselves with the ‘Occupy Wall Street movement’ and now represent themselves as part of the “99%.”

Given all the recent cheery developments regarding the history of communist governments around the world, the only circumstances under which the high-holy communist day could have greater reason for celebration is if Chairman Mao, himself, was still alive to come and join in our American May Day festivals across the nation; maybe as sort of a Grand Marshall of the proceedings, huh?  A final point - if necessary, to the modern domestic communists and would-be communists who don’t know (or are too young to know) who Chairman Mao was:  it's time for you to start a worthwhile learning process, and the sooner the better.  Then again, maybe you could just return south of the border and shout for a communist state there?