Saturday, January 8, 2011

Internet Website/Group, Sorcha Faal, Claims DoD Poison Gas Leak in Arkansas and Subsequent Fishkill Led to Delaware Murder of Gov't Official Wheeler.

January 8th, 2011

As I was surfing the internet for information about the Arkansas bird deaths and fishkill, I came across/was led to an odd looking website that claimed a U.S. Military weapons test led to a poison gas leak. The poison gas leak in turn led to the fishkill in the Arkansas River – either as a result of the leak or as a cover-up of the initial leak. As reported by this group named “Sorcha Faal” on this odd website, quasi or claimed government official, John P. Wheeler III (champion of the Vietnam Vets Memorial in Wash. DC), threatened to go public with the information of the Defense Department’s poison gas leak. As a result of his threat to go public with the information, Wheeler was then murdered with his body being found in Delaware, or so the cause of his murder is reported by the site and potentially suspect group.

The group/individual making these claims goes by the name of “Sorcha Faal” and her “Sisterhood.” The relevant page on their site is:

Scroll down about half way down the page to see their story as to the death of Wheeler.

I have no idea if this is a truthful story or a blatant hoax.

A Google search of the “Sorcha Faal” group revealed that the site is potentially only a hoax and merely a pen name for someone by the name of David Booth – as claimed by some Google search results. However, the group vehemently defends their legitimacy. There are other claims that the group has some connection to Russian Intelligence factions. Again, I don’t know one way or the other.

The story the group reports relevant to the death of Wheeler might be true or it might not. Of course, I have no way of knowing either way. However, I would wonder about the reported timeline of events – as it was widely reported that Wheeler seemed to have disappeared on December 27th and he was found dead in a Delaware landfill on New Year’s Eve day and the fishkill did not materialize until [essentially] a week after his disappearance with the en masse animal death appearing on New Year’s Day. However, I have no idea what poison gas related information Wheeler may have threatened to “Pentagon officials” that he was planning on relaying/taking to the public – as a claimed threat of going public about a “DoD poison gas leak” was made by the internet group. And, of course, the ensuing fishkill in Arkansas as well as the other en masse animal deaths around the world could have been easily orchestrated as a cover-up effort subsequent to whatever event or information that may have upset Wheeler – as such is suggested by the group.

Worth noting, on another page of the group’s website on the group's “alternative news” page, the group claims poisonous clouds from space are causing other en masse fishkills (etc.) around the world. So, I don’t know what to make of the group or its claims. (See:

However, news of James P. Wheeler III's murder was reported and claimed as “extremely odd and surprising” (or the likes) by his family, friends, and neighbors. Such an odd killing could seem to be characteristic of a possible murder by an unknown government clandestine/‘spook’ forces, no doubt.

I alerted authorities and other potentially interested parties to the claims of the website and group – whether such claims are worthy of investigation or not. If this information is a hoax or a joke, this person or group that is making any possible false claims in this regard would be clearly ignorant and likely evil. If these claims are truthful, however, we likely would then owe them a debt of gratitude to say the least. Hopefully, time will tell us the answer to such a quandary.

Adam Trotter / AVT