Friday, January 28, 2011

Pres. Obama, Do/Will I Owe You a “Job Well Done” Compliment?

January 28th, 2011

President Obama,
It has recently occurred to me that I could potentially now – or in the not too distant future - owe you a compliment of “job well done.” Upon your recent well-publicized visits to many major manufacturers throughout the nation, did you start to play ‘hardball’ with those corporate entities? Meaning, did you tell them to start hiring workers or they would see a decrease in Federal contracts being let to them or other unseemly repercussions of not hiring more employees? Did you per chance tell them to relay such a sentiment to their suppliers as well? In return, did you possibly offer these corporate entities less Federal government ‘red tape’/restrictions/regulations as a possible reward for hiring employees? Because, lets face it, such a theme of less corporate regulation has not appeared as typically common to others of your political party affiliation. Anyway, if so, I would be proud to congratulate you. Because clearly such a confrontation is long overdue and we can be sure that your last few predecessors had no inclination to do such a thing for the populace (or at a minimum were unnoticeably unsuccessful if they had).

Without a doubt, we are all aware that the Dow Jones index is climbing. We are all aware that American corporate productivity is at an all-time high. We are all also aware that these positive indicators are a likely result of many employers requiring their workers to do the job and work-hours of three workers so that the employers do not have to hire workers and pay more benefits (such as the hypothetical additional employee’s healthcare). I know this mentality of the employers exists and I know this for a fact because I have a friend that has worked the assembly line of a major employer for the last five months without any days off, seven days a week (with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s Day) – because his employer refuses to hire more workers. And if my friend were to complain about such work demands or refuse any overtime hours, surely he would be fired and replaced with another unemployed citizen desperate for a job.

If my speculations above are correct, well…: “good job, Mr. President Obama.” I am not a prima-donna who refuses to give credit where credit is due. However, you could let us know that you were playing ‘hardball’ with them, we wouldn’t mind. On the other hand, if my conjectures above are not possibly close to being accurate, well please disregard this note/blog, if you would be so kind.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. Since I am not sure either way, I suppose time will tell if you did play ‘hardball’ with those employers and whether it works.

Aug 28th, 2012.  It appears that to date, no one gets a 'job well done' concerning any the creation of any jobs because it doesn't really appear that any jobs have been  created anywhere over the  last several years. The lack of jobs seems as bad now as it has ever been.