Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Address / National Pep-Talk.

January 25th, 2011

Did anyone watch the national pep-talk/State of the Union Address this evening? Odd how the President addresses what needs fixing to the very body of typically self-serving individuals that sold the nation down this current river of disrepair. Did you notice there was no talk about ridding us of the nearly criminal Federal Reserve System or ending massive cash subsidies to foreign nations that seemingly care nothing of us – at least I didn’t hear such, but I did miss a few minutes of the speech. Did he say “…let us speak with one voice in support of the Federal Reserve System…” – maybe I misheard him on this one? Also, I ‘gotta wonder if those Nobel Peace Prize folks would probably like their prize back.

The Republican Party’s response was just as appalling in my opinion, btw. The Republican respondent agreed that the budget needs to be controlled/curtailed. However, he suggests that recent Obama legislation on healthcare be repealed – and he could be right. However, be it for better or for the worse, the healthcare legislation seems to be one of the few initiatives that at least gives the appearance that the Congress even cares about the well-being of the American people. And, no doubt, one factor in Corporate America’s decisions to not employ workers of late (especially aged workers) is the cost of healthcare.

It would appear that all returning members of Congress (which would have included the President, btw,) have allowed for the continued economic demise of the American People and have likely significantly driven down the well-being of the American workforce. Concurrently, the politicians in Washington have allowed for the continued devaluation of the dollar which puts the populace even in a lower economic standing while allowing prices to escalate. For one example, the price of gasoline continues to forever climb. The dollar (Federal Reserve Note), on the other hand, continues to become more devalued by the Fed. Furthermore, the average worker now has become increasingly desperate for a decent job and will now likely accept employment offers of less than half the salary they would have expected less than a decade ago. Does this not sound like a possibly concerted effort of an entity which consistently sides with corporate America over the well-being of the populace, I have to wonder?

Who has allowed for the selling of our birthright and the off-shoring of our industries? Congress, that’s who. Where was the president during these times of devastation to the American workforce? He was a member of Congress, of course. The Federal Reserve System, however, remains essentially unchanged – with the exception of being considerably wealthier, particularly with its gold holdings. In the end, as business is business and competition rules the day in a ‘free’ society, the mass exodus to foreign shores of our American corporations, manufacturing plants, and American jobs would not be so heinous if it were not for the apparent facilitation of this exodus by our own government – at least if one believes the recently deceased ‘Evil’ Irv Homer of Philadelphia FM 96.5 talk radio fame, and he didn’t seem to be the type to lie about anything, btw. (Some day I hope to personally verify this reported fact.)

Sorry for my potentially dwelling on the negative. But, Mr. President and members of Congress: The time for meaningless pep-talks, quite frankly, has ended. (But I do appreciate how you are seemingly/apparently reading my blogs for your speech material and I am aware much of the macro-economic condition is a matter of perception and pep-talks appear as the nature of the State of the Union Address beast as well.)

The point of the matter is: Do any of you politicians truly care about the nation’s welfare? Is Congress completely inept or does the Federal Reserve actually run the country and you politicians are merely The Fed’s errand boys? If so, bring on The Fed and let us deal with them directly!

Additionally, the mixed party affiliation seating arrangement during this Address likely shows that Congress and our government officials consider us/the populace to be potentially violent and mentally deficient creeps who could respond with unlawful violence over something as superficial and meaningless as political rhetoric spewed from our national politicians.

With the new members to Congress potentially withstanding, clearly by now we are all aware that in Washington, D.C., symbolism, rhetoric, the politicians’ own self-interests, The Federal Reserve, and pep-talks are more important to our politicians than the well-being of the American populace.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. The Center Rock Drilling Company and its efforts to save the Chilean miners is an impressive story, nevertheless

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