Saturday, January 8, 2011

Should WE Ever Be Given the Satisfaction of Laying Any Blame for the Recent En Masse Deaths of Birds and Fish/Sea Creatures…..

January 7th, 2011

Assuming the recent en masse deaths of birds and sea creatures throughout the world ever be determined not a result of climate change or chemical changes in the oceans and such fault is of this earth and not from the cosmos, in early retrospect I would surmise blame would likely fall with one of the following culprits:

Foremost, I would think blame would likely fall with one of the world’s “war-machines.” Because, some years ago, I recall reading of technology reportedly being developed by the Soviets that would have the same end effect as we are seeing with these en masse animal deaths. However, of course, the technology was claimed to be of such a strength whereby the en masse deaths would have been humans, not animals. But, if this technology was realized and such had since been recently utilized or tested or such a hypothetical technology had been sold to one of the ‘scum-bag’ wanna-be war-machines and the technology currently was being tested to a low-level extent, such would easily explain the on-going en masse deaths of the animals. Of course, if the Soviets were around to defend themselves today, naturally they would say the opposite and that the west was the one utilizing and testing such a hypothetical weapon – and who am I to say the Soviets would definitely have been wrong, as far as I know anyhow.

In a tie for the next most likely culprits as to the cause of the recent en masse animal deaths would be the Earth itself for one and the massive oil spill and subsequent clean-up efforts from last year for another. It would seem to me that either of these potential culprits could likely be responsible for much of the recent havoc in the animal kingdom as witnessed throughout the world.

The earth could have potentially developed some gravitational or magnetic fault (temporarily or otherwise), which by the way, could also be a result of war-machine efforts. (I understand that there has been several rumored/reported war-machine efforts that seek to leverage the natural occurring physical properties of the earth, as well, btw.) As simpler life forms, birds and sea creatures would likely appear as more susceptible to spikes or changes in the earth’s electo-magnetic energies.

Also in a tie with the earth as a likely culprit would be the environmental damage caused by the recent massive oil spill and efforts and technologies utilized to clean that mess. There is no telling what effects could manifest themselves in sea life and birds as a result of the massive amounts of spilled oil, methane, and man-made chemical and biological agents that were used to collect and dissipate the spilled oil.

Again, my list of likely culprits is with the given assumptions that such en masse animal deaths were not brought on by something in the cosmos, or the weather, or a significant chemical change somewhere within our oceans or atmosphere that would have such an effect. I am aware that at this point in time such assumptions could be hefty assumptions to make, nevertheless.

Worth mentioning, however, should it ever be determined that these events of en masse animal deaths be the result of intentional human efforts to this end, I would suggest that such evil be removed from our earth by whatever means necessary, of course.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. I am also assuming, of course, that there is no band of religious zealots attempting to mimic what they envision as biblical end-of-days.

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