Thursday, January 6, 2011

Should WE Blame a Super Nova or Could War-Machines of the World Be Overdue for a Visit?!?? Worldwide Fishkills and Dead Birds Continue.

January 6th, 2011

Massive Fishkills and Dead Birds Worldwide: Odd Earthly Natural Events, Of Cosmic Origins, Or Humanly Induced?

By the way, Has Anyone Been Watching the Activities of the World’s War-Machines Lately? Is a Visit to the War Machines and Wanna-Be War-Machines of the World in Order?

Or, Conversely and Innocently, Are Such Animal-Death Events a Result of Nature, the Earth, or Could a Far-a-Way and Recently Discovered Super Nova (Supernovae SN2010lt in UGC 3378) Have Any Bearing on the Matter and We as Humans are Merely Ignorant of Such a Fact?


Given the recurring, numerous, and continuing worldwide massive fish kills and dead birds falling from the sky, it would seem that we are being given clues that possibly/surely something has gone awry. Could these animal-death events merely be a result of natural occurrences or a result of oddities here on earth or even chaos in the cosmos? While seemingly unlikely, could these events be natural for these species? Or, for example, could the earth’s magnetic or gravitational fields have gone amuck – temporarily or otherwise? Has some cosmic event or extraterrestrial force been bombarding us with some type of unknown energy for which we have no way of detecting? For instance, could a recently discovered and far-away super nova have any bearing on these matters? (Supernovae SN2010lt in UGC 3378.) Or merely has some simpleton human(s), intentionally or by accident, released some type of poison or radiation into the atmosphere/biosphere of the earth and either no one knows or no one has told us about it - or could some use of microwave or ultra-low frequency technologies (and the likes) or even massive oil spills be to blame? Regardless, it would seem to me that whatever the case may be with these events, our attention to these matters is well warranted and particularly so if these events persist at such a potentially alarming rate.

By the way, while posing such questions,
something tells me that maybe we better look to see what type of recent activities and pursuits the war-machines of the world have been up to of late. Lord knows, those entities would surely tell us nothing and use any such inducement of death-related events as warped scientific experiments. Of course, we know of several war-machine projects that could cause these types of massive animal-death events, should those projects ever have been realized or successfully deployed and utilized. Then again, maybe there are some new players in the war-machine arenas who, furthermore, care even less for the environment and care nothing of any type of havoc they may cause or unleash upon the world.

Of course, as we are all aware, such animal death-related events could be clues from yet another unmentioned heavenly entity and serve as warnings of another type of impending event; of which I don’t think I really need to address any further in this blog.

Realistically and to begin with, in my opinion, as a species and for the good of the world and for the good of the other species that reside here, I think we better REVISIT THOSE WAR-MACHINES TYPES AND ASK of them ‘HOWDY, WHAT’S NEW’ ??!!?? And, something tells me we best do it sooner rather than later! WE can and should then reassess after we get answers from the war-machines to the question of their status, methinks.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. I’m no biologist, but, WE are aware of the odd resemblance between the class of the bird and the ‘class’ of the ‘fish,’ a resemblance which particularly includes the actions/movements of birds and the actions/movements of fish, right? Meaning WE have always been fascinated how both flocks of birds and schools of fish can seemingly move in unison. It is entirely plausible that these creatures have a sense in common amongst themselves that we don’t understand or some capacity to which we as humans are not privy - meaning that those creatures might be susceptible to something which may only affect humans to a lesser extent, if at all.

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