Friday, January 7, 2011

Much of the Mainstream Press Appear to Grow Quiet As En Masse Animal Deaths Continue to Occur Throughout the World!?!?

January 7th, 2011

As the sea creatures and birds apparently continue to die en masse throughout the world, much of the mainstream press outlets seem to have ceased reporting the stories. Surprisingly, as the populace of the world grows increasingly more alarmed over the massive and numerous events of the seemingly unexplained animal deaths around the world, the mainstream press seems to have drawn to a near silence on the matters - at least no reports are appearing on television that I have seen anymore. It would seem that many of the press outlets have become aware of the growing alarm amongst the people and have stopped reporting the occurrences of animal deaths as an apparent attempt to not fuel any potential and growing hysteria. Then again, maybe there is nothing for them to say or, while seemingly unlikely, they don’t know what to say.

In addition to the other en masse events of animal deaths of recent days, now we have thousands of dead crabs washing ashore England and thousands of dead turtle doves in Italy (“…hanging dead from the trees like Christmas balls…”). While the dead crabs have washed ashore for three years now – according to a quote in The Christian Science Monitor and The Examiner, the accompanying dead starfish are claimed as a new occurrence for England (according to the CS Monitor).

Other events include dead birds in West Texas and Tennesee. However, reports quote Texas officials being quick to downplay any relation to other bird deaths around the world and are quoted as stating these hundreds (?) of dead birds are unrelated to the to the other en masse bird deaths. It does appear that such has happened in Texas a few years back and was also seemingly unexplained as well. Additionally, reports of similar bird deaths are coming from the State of Tennessee.

Let’s give thanks where it is due: Thanks Huffington Post for keeping a close eye on these events as well as some other on-line and print media for your continued coverage on these matters and your keeping with your perceived duty to report apparently true facts to the populace – be the truth ugly or otherwise.

Adam Trotter / AVT

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