Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is the Frequency of Events of En Masse Fishkills and Bird-kills Natural and Normal or Cause for Alarm?

January 8, 2011

Are the levels and frequency of recent and seemingly unexplained en masse fishkills and birdkills normal and a naturally occurring phenomena and only being reported as a result of current piqued interest? Did these events always widely take place and such was never reported as the media assumed no one cared? Like…, are we merely in a lull of slow-news days and the press had nothing else to report and sensationalize of late? I mean…, is this sort of a chicken and the egg type of thing? While surely en masse animal deaths have happened in the past, for whatever the reason/cause, I am inclined to doubt that any prior en masse animal deaths happened with such frequency as these events have occurred over the last week or so.

Surely, many officials and reports argue and claim that the number of recent events is natural and normal. While the wildlife officials might insinuate and tell us that en masse animal deaths happen around the nation and world on a daily basis, many of those deaths appeared as clearly explainable as poisoning, trauma, or disease – or so we were told anyhow, should we care to believe the reported causes. However, the overall amount and the majority of individual occurrences of massive animal death events of late seems to be unexplainable as to cause and, in fact, typically claimed as unexplainable by wildlife officials as well.

The reason why I believe that the frequency and the number of seemingly unexplained events of en masse animal deaths has not happened previously is because as one searches for these events in the past, we can find reports of isolated events chronicled on the internet and elsewhere. Therefore, if these events were being reported as they happened in the past, we would likely be able to ascertain the frequency of such events in the past. However, it does not appear that the recent frequency of these events can be historically matched. But then again, previously, maybe our press and media outlets, in their infinite wisdom - no doubt, may have just assumed we would not care to hear about such en masse animal deaths until lately? Well, one thing we can be sure of, if it all starts to happen like this again in the future, the recent seemingly unnatural frequency of en masse animal deaths is well documented now.

Adam Trotter / AVT

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